High Level Statement - OshanaRC

Vision Statement

Our vision is for the Oshana Region to be industrialized, self-sufficient with infrastructural, socio-economic development and a better standards for its inhabitants by 2030

Mission Statement

The Oshana Regional Council is committed to govern, plan and coordinate socio-economic development programs and projects in partnership with all stakeholders towards the improvement of the living standards of the community and realization of sustainable development. In Namibia the regional government is referred to as the send tier of government authority, and the Oshana Regional Council, represents this level as the Regional Authority.

Core values
  • Accountability: Being answerable to the people we serve in the Region.
  • Inclusiveness: Promoting the interdependence in program planning and implementation.
  • Responsiveness: Monitoring and improving our day to day operational activities in a timely responsive manner.
  • Transparency: A systematic democratic approach to the governance in Oshana Region.
  • Professionalism: Maintaining a high standard of integrity in execution of duties.
  • Innovation: Exploring new ways and methods of going public business.