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Municipal Services & Leasing of Plots

Municipal Services & Leasing of Plots The Regional Council has two settlements: Eheke and Uukwangula Settlement Areas. The settlement offices provide municipal services to the inhabitants, namely water provision, sewerage management, refuse removal, street roads and electricity (through its partner, NORED). The division of administration through the settlement offices and the recommendation of Settlement Development Committees, lease serviced residential, business and institutional plots to the public.

Municipal payments can be made via EFT to:

Account Name: Operational Current Account 
Account number: 042774500
Account type: Current Account
Bank Branch: Oshakati 
Reference number: (full name & erf number of Debtor)


Contact details of Settlement Areas


Contact details Settlement Areas

EHEKE Settlement 065 242410 065 242480
Uukwangula Settlement 065 225477 065 225475