Okaku - OshanaRC

Okaku Constituency

Okaku constituency is situated about 10 km from ondangwa town to the north-west, sharing the border with ongwediva constituency to the west, ondangwa rural constituency to the south and ondangwa urban to the east and ohangwena region to the north. it has a total population of 19 007, it consists of 29 administrative centres and covers an area of 224 square kilometres

 Economic activities 

Agriculture is the main economic activity in okaku as many communities depend on substance farming and production. apart from agricultural activities, there are also a number of commercial activities taking place in the constituency at a small and medium scale such as retailers and services enterprises. 

Potential area of investments 

The constituency has a growth point at nengushe area where the constituency office is situated in which, once formalized, land for both social and economic activities will become available. the following are the possible areas of investments: 
  • manufacturing activities
  • agro-products processing
  • land and housing development
  • land and housing development
  • establishment for vocational institution
  • key government institutions
    There are thirteen (13) schools of which one (1) is a junior secondary school, seven (7) combined schools, five (5) primary schools, two (2) clinics, agriculture extension office and a police sub- station. there is a growth point at nengushe where the constituency office is located. 
Okaku Constituency Councilor

Hon. Gerson kapenda(Chairperson)
Tel: +264 - 65 242 255
Fax: +264 - 65 242 288