Eheke Settlement area

Eheke Settlement area Is a settlement area within ondangwa rural constituency that is situated 15km south west of ondangwa town. Eheke was declared as settlement area in 2003 and it is measuring 1702 hectares. Eheke is accessible through ondangwa-oshakati main road by district road no d3636

Economic activities

Economic activities taking place in eheke settlement area are such as small and medium businesses that are largely based on retailing, income generating projects, hummer mills, bricks making and agriculture.

Potential area of Investment

Eheke settlement area has serviced land for residential, business and public and private institutions. The settlement has potential opportunities in areas such as tourism and hospitality, agro-processing, setting up a vocational training centre and small scale service industries, setting up of an abattoir and hides and skins processing, urban land development.

Key Government institutions

There are three (3) schools of which one (1) is a secondary school, combined school, one (1) is a primary schools and, education circuit office, one (1) clinic and a police substation.

Eheke Settlement arear:

PHONE: +264 - 65 242410
FAX: +264 - 65 242 480


Uukwangula Settlement area

The uukwangula settlement is located 10km western side of oshakati in okatana constituency. It has a population of about 500 inhabitants. uukwangula settlement area is the administrative centre for okatana constituency in which the constituency office is located. uukwangula settlement area has serviced land for residential, business and public and private institutions and a sport stadium.

Uukwangula Settlement area:

PHONE: +264 - 65 225 424
FAX: +264 - 65 225 475