1. Directorate: Planing, Development, Monitoring & Evaluation Services


To provide administrative support services, manage finance and human resources and account for utilization of resources to the Regional Council.

Rural Services

Facilitate the::
  • Implementation of rural sanitation facilities in the Region after allocation by the Regional Tender Board (RTB) within a month
  • Provision of materials and equipment’s to project beneficiaries within a month from the date of approval.
  • Provision of tailor made services aimed at improving condition of poor farmers within a month after approval.
  • Implementation of One Region One Initiative (OROI)

Core Functions:

  • Interpret and ensure implementation of regional development policy frame works with relevant Legislation;
  • Coordinate strategic management plan;
  • Coordinate regional development planning;
  • Facilitate public participation on regional planning;
  • Initiate, facilitate implementation, monitor and evaluate development projects and programmes;
  • Compile, analyse, store and distribute statistical data for regional planning;
  • Compile reports on regional planning activities;
  • Facilitate the execution of Hiv/aids programmes / activities

Technical Services

We will:

  • Facilitate the construction of new and upgrading of existing government infrastructures when need arise
  • Facilitate the appointment of consultants/ contractors within 3 months.
  • Approve designs and drawings within 3 weeks
  • Conduct monthly inspection on progress of constructions
  • Verify workmanship against approved specifications at all times.
  • Attend to emergency maintenance within 3 hours
  • Attend to maintenance within 14 days
  • Prepare bid documents for projects within 5 working days
  • Allocate plots at growth points within 2 months

Development Planning Services

We will:

  • Continuously interpret and ensure implementation of policy frameworks at regional level with relevant legislation.
  • Facilitate the development of the Council Strategic Plan three months prior to the expiry of the preceding Strategic Plan and according to approved framework.
  • Facilitate the development of the Annual Plan as scheduled.
  • Ensure performance review is done at the end of each quarter.
  • Facilitate quarterly RDCC consultative meetings.
  • Facilitate the nomination of Community/Constituency Development Committee (CDC) members after every three years.
  • Facilitate training for CDC members within one month after appointment
  • Monitor and evaluate activities of planned programmes/projects monthly
  • Compile monthly, quarterly and annual reports on regional planning activities
  • Continuously facilitate the execution of HIV/AIDS programme/activities.

2. Directorate Finance: Human Resources & Administration


To provide administrative support services, manage finance and human resources and account for utilization of resources to the Regional Council.

Core Functions:

  • Provide prudent financial management services to the council and
  • Provide policy guidance, planning, and advisory services on issues pertaining to human resources Management
  • Provide support services through information communication technology public relations; transport; registry services and all logistics and administrative support to the activities of the council and its constituencies
  • Ensure appropriate coordination with all stakeholders to mitigate disasters
  • impacts on vulnerable communities in our region

Human resource

We will:

  • Update Personal file as per your request within a day.
  • Update VIP system daily.
  • Ensure that delegated positions (vacant) are filled within two (2) months, and delegated within three (3) months.
  • Attend to request for leave credit days within a day.
  • Attend to misconduct cases within one month of their occurrence.
  • Respond to grievances within five (5) working days.
  • Process applications on medical aid, social security, Home loan, and GIPF within a day provided all required documents are attached.
  • Process employees benefit and Social Security claims within a day provided all documents are attached.
  • Process staff benefits upon termination of service within 10 working days provided all required documents are submitted.
  • Conduct wellness session on quarterly basis.
  • Terminate service within two working days upon receipt of notification.
  • Interpret policies on request by staff members right away or within two working days if we cannot provide an answer instantly.
  • Facilitate financial assistance within 15 working days after approval has been granted.


We will:

  • Compile and submit the Council Budget within the given deadline.
  • Monitor and control the Council expenditure on a daily basis.
  • Prepare monthly, quarterly and annual reports on budget execution.
  • Prepare monthly financial management reports within 5 working days after monthend.
  • Ensure adherence to financial legal frameworks at all times.
  • Pay Daily Subsistence Allowance (DSA) within two working days, after receipt.
  • Follow up on outstanding invoices issued to customers within 30 days.
  • Respond to audit queries within 15 working days.
  • Safe keep and bank revenue on a daily basis.
  • Request for the release of funds within 5 working days after month end.
  • Prepare and submit annual financial statements within 3 months after year-end.


Auxiliary Services

We will:

  • Avail transport and issue trip authority within one (1) day
  • Collect and distribute license disc within 5 working days after the expiring date
  • Forward request to bank for new and replacement of lost fuel cards within a day and provide a new card within 5 working days.
  • Prepare and deliver purchase order for servicing and repairs within 5 working after the request was received.
  • Scrutinize log book daily.
  • Verify and submit invoices to procurement within a day after receipt.
  • Inspect vehicles before and after handover

Constituency Support

We will:

  • Provide relevant information and referrals within a day upon receipt
  • Prepare logistic for community meetings three days prior to meeting date.
  • Render secretarial services at all times during meetings.
  • Monitor and report progress of community development programmes implementations on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis.
  • Assess and appraise all income generating projects two weeks before recommendation.
  • Submit developmental proposal to the council within three working days after CDC meeting.
  • Produce minutes three days after the meeting.


We will:

  • Avail serviced land annually.
  • Continuously provide and maintain Municipal Services.
  • Bill customers for service rendered on a monthly basis.
  • Collect, safe keep and bank revenue daily.
  • Conduct Settlement Development Committee (SDC) and resident’s meetings on quarterly basis.
  • Continuously promote settlement economic activities through various platforms.
  • Provide feedback on the status of building plan within 10 working days from the date of submission.
  • Continuously administer lease agreement contracts.
  • Conduct project inspection monthly.

Public relations and meetings

We will:

  • Produce quarterly newsletters.
  • Respond to media queries within a day.
  • Continuously update the council website.
  • Invite media to cover Council events when required.
  • Monitor media reports about the Council on a daily basis.
  • Attend all official engagements or meetings of the Regional Council at all times.
  • Distribute Council agenda 72 hours prior to the meeting date.
  • Render secretarial service during meetings.
  • Produce minutes five days after the meetings.
  • Submit ordinary Council and management committee minutes to the line Ministry within 2 days after approval

Information Technology

We will:

  • Provide adequate IT hardware/software and network infrastructure on the date of assumption of duty.
  • Handle all requests and inquiries within a day.
  • Carry out anti-virus health check daily.
  • Monitor network infrastructure daily.
  • attend to hardware failures/needs within 2 hours.
  • Replace damaged hardware components within 2 working days.
  • Create IT usage awareness to staff members when need arises.
  • Provide day to day help desk support.
  • Backup all servers daily.
  • Manage all licenses on a yearly basis and renew upon expiration.
  • Develop major system within two years, and minor system within 6 months when needs arises or upon request.
  • Assist staff members on new applications within a month from the date of implementation

3. Education Arts & Culture

The Directorate of Education Arts and Culture’s Mandate is derived from the Constitution of the Republic of Namibia, Article 19 and 20 to Educate and Train or sustainable National Development and Promote Arts and Culture . The Directorates Vision is Aspiring to Excellence in Education for all

Vision Statement

  • Aspiring to Excellence in Education for All

Our Mandate

  • To educate and train for sustainable national development & promote arts and culture

Mission Statement

  1. Act with honesty, integrity and transparency
  2. Be accountable for the achievement of key priorities
  3. Provide a quality service to our service users
  4. Encourage and give recognition to others
  5. Actively listen to our stakeholders and implementers who are at the grassroots level
  6. Communicate enthusiasm and energy, creating a sense of purpose for delivering agreed upon outcomes
  7. Be passionate about excellence
  8. Take responsibility for our own teams performance
  9. Continuously learn and develop human capital
  10. Work collaboratively with others sharing knowledge, skills and expectations
  11. Build a friendly and supportive environment which is respectful of others
  12. Ensure a high standard of safety for learners, staff and the public
  13. >Be flexible and innovative in finding new ways to improve service delivery
  14. Create momentum and enthusiasm for change through personal visibility and energy
  15. Preserve through policy, procedural and budget constraints

Core Values

Integrity– The directorate will implement the values of accessible and equatable quality education in all its institutions, linking these to goals enunciated under vision 2030. We will perform our duties ethically, procedural and with integrity.

Accountability – Each institution within the Directorate will be accountable for implementing the agreed plans, through a well-developed Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) scheme.

Commitment – Every institution and every member of staff will demonstrate commitment to the Governments objectives of providing accessible, equatable and quality education for all and promote arts and culture.

Teamwork– Teamwork will be the ‘modus operandi’ for all achieving strategic objectives, as this is the most important and most effective way of working. No one should work in isolation, we are one.

Professionalism – Institutions and individuals will exercise high-levels of professionalism upholding general principles of the Public Service Charter.

Respect Empathy – Every member of the staff will show respect of opinion and work of colleagues. They will treat learners, parents and other stakeholders with dignity and politeness at all times. Embracing cultural diversity and tolerance.

Openness– We pledge to work with pure motives, truthfully, transparently and diligently. Our institutions shall be disclosing how public services are managed, and the cost and performance of specific services.


Sub-Division Special Education

The mandate of the Sub-Division Special Education is to provide psycho-social support to the learners, especially the learners who are identified as orphans or and vulnerable (OVCs). The main objectives of the sub-division are to:

  • Provide counseling to learners
  • Conduct school support visits and monitor the teaching of
  • Life Skills and the implementation of educational programmes
  • Conduct motivational talks with the grade 10 and 12 learners especially in least performing schools
  • Train Life Skills Teachers and teacher-counselors in Life Skills, counseling and in the implementation of policies such as prevention and management of learner pregnancy policy, OVC policy, Inclusive Education policy etc.
  • Organise annual activities, namely the Annual Career Fair (Expo) and EFA Global Week (the Sustainable Development Goals) Commemorations
  • Identify learners with disabilities and refer them to service providers or specialists such as occupational therapists, speech therapists, audiologists, etc
  • Assess learners with learning difficulties
  • Screen and refer learners with low vision to eye specialists
  • Screen and refer learners with hearing challenges to the audiologist
  • Facilitate the transfer (or admission) of learners with special consideration
  • Liaise with line ministries for case referrals such as national documents, state grants, assessment, screening and crisis intervention.
  • Refer learners with disabilities to special classes and special schools

Special Services

The Section is a component within the Programme Quality Assurance (PQA) comprising of Senior Education Officers responsible for various curricular phases and their main functions are: to conduct need assessment, to offer professional development and technical support for teachers in different subject areas, to monitor and evaluate effective implementation of the broad curriculum, and ensure quality teaching and learning through school visits and workshops such as in-service training, seminars and refresher courses

Contact Details:

Director:Ms. Hileni Amukana
Private Bag: 5518
Tel: +264 61 229 800;Oshakat,