Okatana - OshanaRC

Okatana Constituency

Okatana constituency is situated 10km on the western side of oshakati town and is linked to a regional main centre of oshakati and thus accessible through oshakati - okahao tarred road. the population is 14801 according to census of 2011. the constituency has 20 administrative centres through which public services are channelled to the community. the constituency has a proclaimed settlement area called uukwangula settlement area and it covers an area of 426 square kilometres. 

Economic Activities

The community mainly depend on agricultural substance farming. the constituency also has potential areas of investment in the following economic areas pig farming, poultry, pottery, bricks manufacturing and tailoring, to mention but a few. 
Potential Areas for Investment

The constituency has economic potential in the area of agro-production manufacturing and processing, hospitality and tourism and retail businesses.

Key Government institutions

There are sixteen (16) schools of which one (1) is a senior secondary school, one (1) is a junior secondary school, one (1) combined school, thirteen (13) primary schools, one (1) health centre, one (1) clinic, agriculture extension office, a forestry office, oshana regional emergency warehouse and uukwambi traditional authority office. 

Okatana Constituency Councilor


Hon. Edmund Iishuwa (MC)
Tel: +264 - 65 225 447
Fax: +264 - 65 224 431