Hon. Joseph Mupetami


Okatjali constituency is situated 20 km south of ondangwa town and it is bordering with uukwiyuushona constituency on the south western and north eastern side. part of the north eastern side, okatjali is sharing the border with oshikoto region whereas on the south eastern side sharing the border with uuvudhiya constituency. according to the census of 2011 the population of okatjali was 3 187 with a surface area size of 558 m² square metres.

Economic Activities

Agriculture is the main economic activity in okatjali as many communities depend on substance farming and production. apart from agricultural activities, there are also a number of commercial activities taking place in the constituency at a small and medium scale such as retailers, services enterprises, tailoring, hospitality, poultry and livestock farming.

Potential areas for investment

TThe constituency has a growth point at okatjali proper where the constituency office is situated in which, once formalized, land for both social and economic activities will become available. the following are the possible areas of investments:

  • Manufacturing activities
  • Agro-products processing
  • Land and housing development
  • Establishment for vocational institution
Key Government institutions

Five (5) schools of which one (1) is a Combined School, four (4) are Primary Schools, Agriculture Extension office, forestry office, Ministry of Gender Equality and Child welfare and a Police Sub-Station. There is a Growth Point at Okatjali proper where the Constituency Office is located

Okatyali map

Okatyali Constituency (red) in the Oshana Region (yellow)


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