Hon. Alfeus Abraham (MP)


The ondangwa rural constituency is situated on the eastern part of oshana region and has a population of 14024 people and areas size of 159.1 m² square kilometres as per 2011 population and housing census. The ondangwa rural constituency borders ondangwa urban constituency to the east, okaku and ongwediva constituencies to the north, oshakati east constituency to the west as well as uukwiyuushona constituency to the south. The constituency has a settlement area called eheke settlement area where the constituency office is located.

Economic activities

Community in ondangwa rural derives their income from economic activities such as small and medium business, income generating projects e.g poultry, hummer mills, bricks making and agriculture

Potential area of Investment

The constituency has potential opportunities in areas such as tourism and hospitality, agro- processing, setting up a vocational training centre and small scale service industries, setting up of an abattoir and hides and skins processing, urban land development on growth points such as shipepe, adolf, opoto and akuna along ondangwa-ongwediva main road

Key Government institutions

There are fourteen (14) schools of which one (1) is a secondary school, an agriculture extension office, education circuit office, one (1) clinic and a police substation.

Ondangwa rural map

Ondangwa rula Constituency (red) in the Oshana Region (yellow)


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Fax:+264 -65 242 480