Hon. Leonard Negonga (MC)


Ondangwa urban constituency is situated on the eastern part of oshana region with a population of 22822 inhabitants, according to 2011 population and housing census. The constituency borders with ondangwa rural constituency on the southwestern part, okaku constituency on northern part, olukonda and oniipa in oshikoto region on eastern part respectively. The constituency’s office is located in ondangwa town.

Economic activities

The constituency's economic activities are such as hospitality, service industries, public and private health facilities, small and medium businesses enterprises, subsistence farming, manufacturing and processing industries, modern shopping malls and agriculture.

Potential area of investment

The constituency has potential opportunities in areas such as cultural tourism, and hospitality, agro-processing, and small scale service industries, revamping and enlargement of an abattoir and hides and skins processing, urban land development and housing

Key Government Institutions

Primary schools, secondary schools, Ondangwa health center, ministry of labour, ministry of home affairs and immigration, ministry of agriculture, water and forestry, ministry of works transport (government garage, government store). Ministry of environment and tourism, ministry of safety and security, education, youth, ministry of defence, ministry of gender equality and child welfare.

Ondangwa Urban map

Ondangwa Urban Constituency (red) in the Oshana Region (yellow)


Tel: +264 - 65 240 974
Fax: +264 - 65 240 736