Hon Andreas Uutoni(Chairperson)


Ongwediva constituency is an electoral constituency in oshana region of namibia. 2011 population census indicates that, the constituency has 34 065 inhabitants and it has a surface area of 222m² square kilometres, its district capital is ongwediva town. The constituency borders ondangwa rural constituency in the south, okaku constituency in the east and oshakati east constituency in the west

Economic Activities

The constituency's economic activities are such as hospitality and tourism, service industries, small and medium businesses enterprises, subsistence.Farming, manufacturing and processing industries and several major shopping malls.

Potential areas for investment

There is a rapidly growing population that is creating the market for all sectors. With great potential opportunities in the areas such as land and housing development, cultural tourism, and hospitality, agro-processing, and small scale service industries, setting up of an abattoir and skins processing, the constituency can be a centre of attraction by potential investors.

Key Government institutions

There are 21 government schools and five private primary schools. Two university of namibia campuses, the international university of management campus and a vocational training centre. Several government ministries that are housed in ongwediva town are such as the ministry of gender, equality and child welfare (mgecw), ministry of fisheries and marine resources (mfmr), ministry of agriculture, water and forestry (mawf) and ministry of industrialization, small and medium enterprises development (mismed). There are three health facilities i.e. Ongwediva health centre, eluwa and onamutai clinics.

Ongwediva map

Ongwediva Constituency (red) in the Oshana Region (yellow)


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