Hon.Abner Shikongo (MP)


Oshakati East constituency is one of the eleven (11) constituencies of oshana region and its office is in ompundja growth point. The constituency is situated southern side of oshakati town. Oshakati-east shares boarders with ongwediva on the northern side, ondangwa- rural on the eastern side, ompundja on the western side and oshakati-west on the western side. According to 2011 Namibian population and housing census results, oshakati-east constituency has a population of 27,227. The constituency has a surface area of 187 Km² and has 27 administrative centers..

Economic activities

The constituency's economic activities are such as hospitality and tourism, service industries, small and medium businesses enterprises, subsistence farming, manufacturing and processing industries and several major shopping malls.

Potential Investment Areas

There is a rapidly growing population that is creating the market for all sectors. With great potential opportunities in the areas such as land and housing development, cultural tourism, and hospitality, aggro-processing, and small scale service industries, hides and skins processing, the constituency can be a center of attraction by potential investors.

Key Government institutions

The constituency has a fairly representation of offices, ministry, agencies (Omas) as well as other private and civil society organisation e.g. Min of education, art and culture, min of labour, industrial relations and employment creation, min of gender equality & child welfare, min of justice, min of health & social services, min of veteran affairs, ministry of home affairs and immigration, min of works and transport (directorate of maintenance), the Oshana regional council and oshakati town council. In addition, the following public institutions are also available in the constituency three health facilities 1 intermediate hospital, health center and a clinic, university of Namibia (Unam), 1 education circuit office, 13 government schools, 33 community water points, 1 early childhood development center, 1 airstrip, 1 public libraries, 1 commercial bank, 1 magistrate court, 1 high court and the bank of Namibia branch.

Oshakati East Map

Oshakati East Constituency (red) in the Oshana Region (yellow)


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