Hon. Andreas Amundjindi (MP)


Uukwiyuushona constituency is situated 15 km south of ondangwa town. The constituency borders ondangwa urban constituency on the north, okatjali constituency on the south, oshikoto region on the east and ompundja constituency on the west respectively. The constituency is easily accessible through its road network dr 3605 that link it to trunk road b1 at ondangwa. The constituency has a population of 12092, according to the 2011 namibia population and housing census with a surface area of 299 Km² square kilometers. The constituency office is situated at uukwiyuushona growth point.

Economic activities

Agriculture is the main economic activity in uukwiyuushona as many communities depend on substance farming and production. Apart from agricultural activities, there are also a number of commercial activities taking place in the constituency at a small and medium scale such as retailers, services enterprises, tailoring, hospitality, pottery, production of ceramic products, poultry and livestock farming. .
Potential area of investment.

The following are the possible areas of in- vestments: manufacturing activities, gardening, agro-products processing, livestock farming, land and housing development and establish- ment of a vocational training centres.

Key government institutions

There are eleven (11) schools of which seven (7) are combined schools, four (4) are primary schools, two clinics, agriculture extension office, forestry office, ministry of gender equality and child welfare and a police sub-station. There is a growth point at uukwiyuushona proper where the constituency office is located./p>

Uukwiyuushona map

Uukwiyuushona Constituency (red) in the Oshana Region (yellow)


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