Uuvudhiya constituency is situated in the south west part of oshana region, with the distance of ±90 km from oshakati, sharing border with ompundja constituency to the east, okatana constituency to the north-west and omusati region to the west. On the southern part of the constituency lays the popular etosha national park. According to 2011 population census the constituency has a total population of about 4114 and covers an area of 5825.3 Km2. The constituency office is situated at engombe growth point.

Economic activities
Agriculture is the main economic activity in uuvudhiya as many communities depend on substance farming and production. Apart from agricultural activities, there are also a number of commercial activities taking place in the constituency at a small and medium scale such as retailers, services enterprises, tailoring, small scale salt mining, hospitality, pottery, production of ceramic products, poultry, livestock farming and iipumbu yatshilongo conservancy.
Potential area of investment.

The following are the possible areas of investments: tourism, concessions and hospitality in etosha national park and iipumbu yatshilongo conservancy, recreational sport facilities, large scale mining and processing, production of ceramic products, livestock farming, manufacturing activities, gardening, agro- products processing, pottery, poultry farming , hides and skin production and establishment of a vocational training centers

Key government institutions
There are six (6) primary schools, agriculture extension office, forestry office, ministry of environment, Namibia wildlife resorts and the ministry of gender equality and child welfare.

Uuvudhiya map

Uuvudhiya Constituency (red) in the Oshana Region (yellow)


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