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1. Oshana Regional Council written in blue colour symbolizing the water in Oshana. The golden colour represents Oshakati, Ongwediva and Ondangwa nucleus with its business, industries and developments.

2.The basket represents the cultural heritage, the goodness and economy of the Region. In the basket, there are different colours that decorate the basket to represent the beauties of Oshana Region. The brown colour represents wealth, blue represents water, green is the agriculture, red is the blood shed for the Oshana Region Heroes and Heroines while yellow symbolizes the life and energy as well as warmth of the people living in the Region.

3. Elephants appearing in the light brown colour are animals culturally respected for their intelligence, power and strength. They are used as the pillars of the basket that symbolizing unity in the region.

4. The banner below, symbolizes the foundation of the region where political sphere, economy and cultural survival is based on.

5. The light grey colour symbolizes the sand/clay that is used for construction, planting, pottery and growing grass for grazing.

6. Green underneath symbolizes the vegetation in the region.

7. The Mahangu symbolizes the staple food in the region.

NB. This logo is original and unique. It is not plagiarized.